acupuncture brisbane north

Acupuncture Brisbane North

Acupuncture, an ancient art it most assuredly is Acupuncture is about as ancient as a recognized traditional folk medicine is able to be.  It is thought to have developed over 2200 years ago, with the first recognized text outlining the

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Remedial massage brisbane

Remedial Massage Brisbane

Come over and experience bliss: Remedial Massage Brisbane! Remedial Massage at Acupuncture Brisbane North, fulfills a vital role to the therapy mix we provide.  Remedial massage and the other styles of Thai, Sports, Lymphatic Drainage Tui-na (Chinese Massage) are more

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chinese medicine brisbane

Chinese Herbal Medicine Brisbane

For centuries, Chinese herbal medicines are known to help people regain their natural balance while strengthening its capability to fight off illnesses and diseases. Chinese herbal medicines are best for the following: Treating cold and flu Boosting one’s energy Improving

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cupping brisbane northside

Cupping Brisbane Northside

Ever thought about getting cupping therapy, and you’re on the Northside of Brisbane? Acupuncture Brisbane North has been operating on the Northside of Brisbane for the past 20 years performing cupping and acupuncture services for Brisbane north residents. Cupping Therapy

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We also offer Thai Massage at NRCHI Bodywork!

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Why choose NRCHI Bodywork in Ashgrove, Brisbane?

You can find NRCHI Bodywork at a suitable location in the main Business area of Ashgrove Central, on Waterworks Rd, an Inner city location on the north side of the Brisbane River.

Our new location on the outskirts of the CBD allows for an easier approach and more parking facilities to help us cater for our increased client number.  It also allows us to offer a wide range of therapists with each room being large and private, it avoided either the sardine, or communal open feeling when discussing sensitive matters with our practitioners.

NRCHI provides high level Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Remedial Massage Services to the Brisbane north region.   We have carried on being the go to destination of Runners and Triathletes from the beginner weekend warrior, to the elite athlete.  Our passion for an athlete’s well-being allow us to keep them performing at their best on the sporting track, and ensures they achieve the results they plan for.

We know the experience of clients and the accounts they have are wide and varied and we have attempted to paraphrase them in a few questions below.

Have you ever felt an air of mystery when leaving a health practitioner, and left with more questions than answers about why you went?

At NRCHI we believe that tapping into the ideas and knowledge you already possess, often in totally unrelated subjects, help us to access a universal style of understanding, you already hold.  Through this method of explanation, it allows us to convey the knowledge in a crystal clear way to help you to leave with a more complete grasp of the problem you have.

Having therapists that live their craft in the health industry and who also lead sporting lifestyles, provides the clients of NRCHI, the trusted advice born through vast amounts of lived experience.  We have over 30 years of accumulated sporting participation in running and multi-sport events and continue to compete in these events year on year. We provide sponsorship to Running Clubs Running events and annual Triathlons in the central and North Brisbane Areas

Have you often felt frustration in the situation that your therapy just drags on and on?

At NRCHI We endeavour to keep the rehabilitation process uncomplicated, identifying and mapping out the direction for you in simple understandable terms.  We are mindful of keeping the number of therapy sessions to a minimum to enable you to get on with your life, as rapidly and smoothly as possible.  We adopt the theories and principles of both Traditional Chinese medicine and Acupuncture as well as many conventional therapy methods to bring about this quick turnaround in your condition.

Choosing NRCHI Bodywork in Ashgrove North Brisbane may be the best decision you can make on your health journey.



The team at NRCHI Asgrove, Brisbane

Greg Beerling

Greg has over 30 years experience…