Chinese Herbal Medicine Brisbane

For centuries, Chinese herbal medicines are known to help people regain their natural balance while strengthening its capability to fight off illnesses and diseases. Chinese herbal medicines are best for the following:

  • Treating cold and flu
  • Boosting one’s energy
  • Improving one’s breathing
  • Helping you get better sleep
  • Promoting good digestion
  • Improving menopausal symptoms
  • Regulating menstrual cycles
  • Reducing body pain

In addition, Chinese herbal medicines are said to be effective for people who just underwent chemotherapy and radiation.

When is It Best to Get Chinese Herbal Medicine in Brisbane?

There are various reasons why you should get Chinese herbal medicines. If you have multiple symptoms which seems hard to identify, then you are a good candidate for this therapy. Similarly, we also encourage people who are already tired and exhausted from using modern medicines yet couldn’t see improvement. Those who would like to counteract the side effects of modern medicines are welcome to have this too. And lastly, if you want to prevent a number of illnesses, Chinese Herbal Medicine is probably what you need.

Chinese herbal medicine or therapy started centuries ago and it is not surprising that the modern world still patronizes it. In fact, people here in Brisbane are now more open to the idea. However, please note that Chinese herbal medicine is also a powerful. Thus, you have to be cautious and mindful when taking it.

Preparing Chinese Herbal Medicines in Brisbane

Chinese herbal medicines are plant-based. However, preparing it may include variety of ingredients including animal products and minerals. It can be provided to you in different forms as well. You can have Chinese herbal medicine in form of lotions, tablets, pastes, and even powders.

When a therapist gives you a Chinese herbal medicine, he or she will first consider your Yin and Yang. That means, you shouldn’t share your herbal medicine. Remember, it is tailored-fit to your condition. It will work for you but that doesn’t mean it will work for other people. If they want to have theirs, then scheduling an appointment with a therapist is highly encouraged.

What is Yin and Yang?

Since we already mentioned about Yin and Yang, it is only fitting to briefly explain what it is.

You see, our bodies have two opposing forces of energy called Yin and Yang. It is believed that specific organs are governed by Yin, while others are governed by Yang. When Yin and Yang are not balanced, this may Block Qi (energy that flows through our body) and this causes illnesses.

How are Chinese Herbal Medicines Different From Western or Modern Medicines?

With Chinese herbal medicines, you are treated holistically. For example you complain about a headache. Modern medicines will likely treat only your headache but will not address other symptoms. But with Chinese herbal medicine technique, it aims to address all symptoms to create harmony.

Also, Chinese herbal medicines are personalized. This is dependent on the patient’s health condition as mentioned above. We would like to emphasize that it is not a good practice to share your Chinese herbal medicine with other people. It may have a different effect on them.

Is It Fine to Take Chinese Herbal Medicines with Pharmaceutical Medications?

It is always important to thoroughly understand the possible reactions of your pharmaceutical medications with Chinese herbal medicines. This is why you have to consult with your physician first to avoid complications. You must also choose a therapist that is well-knowledgeable and already have established a good track record.

If done correctly, Chinese herbal medicines can complement modern medicines and it can help the patient recover faster.

Can Children Take Chinese Herbal Medicines?

Yes, even children can take Chinese herbal medicines. Yet again, this should be done properly and with the approval of your therapist. It is best to seek professional advice first, as always.

Finding the Right Place to Get Your Chinese Herbal Medicines

Because of its increasing popularity, a lot of people are selling Chinese herbal medicines. Unfortunately, a lot of these medicines did not pass quality standards. That is why you have to be very strict and cautious when getting your Chinese herbal medicines in Brisbane. NRCHI Bodywork can actually provide you with quality products and even recommend best traditional Chinese medicine therapies that will improve your condition. Contact them right now and schedule an appointment: Click here