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Acupuncture, an ancient art it most assuredly is

Acupuncture is about as ancient as a recognized traditional folk medicine is able to be.  It is thought to have developed over 2200 years ago, with the first recognized text outlining the theories, methods, therapeutic application and action of this art form, being written sometime between 430 and 206 BCE.

Acupuncture Brisbane North, practices this ancient art form of Chinese medicine in Brisbane but has also branched out from the original form to incorporate other styles that have diverged from the original teachings.  The development of these other styles were influenced by the social customs, religions and certain technical proficiency of the region they spread to.

Acupuncture Brisbane North practices the following: Traditional Chinese Style; Meridian Therapy Japanese style; Kikko Japanese Style style; Constitutional 5 element style also Cosmetic and Scar Reduction Acupuncture

acupuncture brisbane north Acupuncture is the application of fine, hair like surgical stainless steel needles, inserted into a vast array of acupuncture points located along documented pathways, called meridians.  Theses meridians, or channels as they are also called, act as conduits for what is termed the vital force, or Qi to circulate to all the far reaches of the tissues if your body.

Good health is considered to be obtained when the correct and appropriate flow of this Energy/Substance is plentiful and flows unobstructed, the way a river meanders when filled, but not in flood or drought.  There is adequate resources for the land supplied by this river system to be nourished, but not too much so as to avoid over nourishment or too little so that it degrades.

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The complimentary oppositional system of Yin and Yang is a pivotal starting principle, underpinning the core method of acupuncture diagnosis. This pivotal philosophy allows practitioners at Acupuncture Brisbane North, the ability to individualize their view of a patient presenting to our clinic, and give us a comprehension of where our clients are located along a spectrum, even if our they come brandishing a western medicine diagnosis.

Through this and further understandings of how Qi is meant to flow through the Channels, Organs, Body Fluids, Wu Xing (five elements).  Your practitioner will assemble an understanding of these constantly shifting influences, and be able to explain to you in a more in-depth simple way, the processes that are altering this smooth flow of Qi and other substances, therefor the reason it is causing illness and disruption to your health.

acupuncture brisbane north

Through this expanded understanding you will be able to grasp the nuances you are inclined towards, and help you to avoid being confused by the kaleidoscope of other paths taken through, to this utopian health outcome.

Pulse diagnosis is another critical part of diagnosis performed regularly at Acupuncture Brisbane North.  Much of the state of your current condition, and the progress of the recovery of your symptoms are able to be read through the interpretation of the changing characteristics, read on both pulses of the radial arteries on the wrist of both arms. By feeling for different qualities, it allows your practitioner to determine how severe your condition is, and often to pick up on important information you may not think is connected to the reason that you came into the clinic in the first place.  These other conditions can often be improved from receiving the treatment process, helping you to receive the complimentary set of steak knives so to speak.

Don’t clean your tongue!  This is often a request you will hear from your acupuncturist, and is akin to sacrilege. The tongue is another treasure trove of information on how the internal workings of your system is operating.  Various colours, contours and coatings tell your Acupuncturist at Acupuncture North Brisbane about the degree of weakness or over function in parts of your body are

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Needle technique at Acupuncture Brisbane north is of utmost importance to its practitioners and considered just as pivotal to the success of the treatment as securing the correct diagnosis from the initial question stage of the session.  Many diagnostic cues and much of the prognosis and are able to be recognized by the practitioner from the degree of change in the needle sensation.

Electro acupuncture is an additional variation that is often included to help the needle activate the tissues and muscles of the region needled for improvement.  The inclusion of electro-stimulation enables the practitioner to avoid twirling the needles so as to make the experience more comfortable

Moxabustion is another therapy you will encounter when you attend Acupuncture Brisbane north.  We often get either a strange look from our clients or the “double take” on the odour that wafts through the clinic.  They wonder whether we really like our role here more than we are letting on.  Yes we do enjoy our roles but the smell is the characteristic odour from the smoke made by the igniting of the punk , or wolly substance of the Mugwort Tree mainly used in the heating and stimulating process of the area needing heat therapy or Moxibustion.

Cupping is a regular method applied throughout a regular session of the treatment at Acupuncture Brisbane North.  There are many different types of materials cupping cups materials, from glass, plastic through to bamboo types.  We exclusively use the glass fire cups variety at Acupuncture Brisbane north due we think to the versatility of the type of cup.

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