Acupuncture Clinic Brisbane

Acupuncture is one of the oldest forms of traditional therapies in the world. It’s basically where a professional inserts tiny needles in the body to relieve tension, stress, etc.

NRCHI Bodywork provides several types of acupuncture to cater to your needs. We customize each treatment plan, too, to ensure we give the best service each time.

But, not all acupuncture clinics are made equal. If you’re not careful and choose the wrong one by accident, you may be giving your body more harm than good.

So, how do you find the best acupuncture clinic Brisbane? Keep on reading this post as we share tips on how to find one.

Finding the Right Acupuncture Clinic Brisbane

Here are things to keep in mind when looking for an acupuncture clinic:

acupuncture clinic Brisbane

Licensed Acupuncturists

Generally, acupuncture is safe for everyone. However, it can be risky and turn into a disaster if you fall to the wrong hands.

Remember that acupuncture involves tiny needles. You wouldn’t want a non-professional to do the procedure on you!

Someone without proper training may insert the needles in the wrong points in your body. This can lead to excessive bleeding and infection, among others.

For example, Australian acupuncturists must be registered under the AHPRA (Australian Health Practitioner Registration Agency.) You can check their registration status here.

Moreover, a 4-year bachelor’s degree is required to be an acupuncturist. It means being trained in both Chinese Medicine and biomedicine as well.

While training requirements vary in each country, overseas applicants must have qualifications equivalent to those from the AHPRA.

When visiting an acupuncture clinic Brisbane, always ask for the acupuncturist’s credentials.

Also, if there’s an issue you want to address, you’ll want to ask if they have a specialization. A legitimate acupuncture clinic should be willing to supply this information.

The Acupuncturist’s Personality

Look for an acupuncturist with a great personality and character. Your acupuncturist must show passion for the job and knowledgeable about the craft.

Choose someone who makes you feel comfortable. Keep in mind that trust is the most crucial factor in any acupuncture session.

Furthermore, the acupuncture clinic Brisbane you choose should value good communication.

This means they should be able to explain the process easily. This way, you can appreciate the therapy more and if needed, manage your expectations.


Having professional indemnity insurance is also a requirement here in Australia.

Acupuncturists have low malpractice insurance since insurance companies see acupuncture as a low-risk treatment. Insurance is also needed for registration with private health funds.

Clean and Safe Environment

You should consider the facility itself, too.

It isn’t hard to tell a clean from a filthy clinic. Cleanliness shouldn’t be observed in the treatment area alone—check for the restrooms, reception area, and any other rooms they may have.

Additionally, take a look at their tools and other instruments. Ideally, they should be sterile and have single-use needles for hygienic purposes.

Lastly, choose an acupuncture clinic Brisbane near you. This way, you don’t have to travel for hours for an appointment plus, you can relax right away after the session.

Prices and Rates

Choose an acupuncture clinic Brisbane that offers reasonable prices. But, don’t just pick cheap clinics—chances are, they’re too good to be true.

We suggest visiting several clinics and asking for their rates so you can compare them.

If you have insurance, check whether they will honor it or not. While this isn’t a standard, finding a clinic that does is a plus point.

Ask for Referrals

Do this if you don’t know where to start or aren’t comfortable with your own judgment. Ask your families and friends for acupuncture clinics they can recommend.

But, what if none of them have tried acupuncture before?

This is where online reviews come in handy. There are a lot of online communities to help you where you can just type in your question and have a response in no time.

How to Prepare for Your First Acupuncture Session

Let’s say you have found your acupuncture clinic Brisbane. What do you do now and how do you prepare?

First, we suggest wearing comfortable clothes. Stick with loose ones that you can easily remove before the session and put back on once you’re done.

Then, make sure to eat at least a light meal before starting with the session. Lastly, free-up your schedule or avoid doing anything intense.

Final Thoughts

While acupuncture is generally safe, we advise consulting with your doctor first to get approval. You may have certain health conditions that may not work well with the therapy.

You may also want to try our remedial massage. It can be enjoyed on its own or on top of your acupuncture session and can help reverse the effects of one’s sedentary lifestyle.